​Windmill Countertops

Solid Surface /  Corian -  Non-porous, so it's stain, mildew and germ-resistant; strong and self-supporting, scratches can be buffed out..Pick from hundreds of colors and patterns. Solid-surface sinks are also available.

Marble -  Classic, timeless beauty, and a white brightness. Marble is porous and absorbs liquids that cause stains. If you are OK with counter tops looking a bit scratched up, and developing a patina of use over the years, then marble may be for you. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

Countertop Edge -

Laminate /  Formica - Made with kraft paper impregnated with resins that makes it durable, hard-wearing product. Plastic laminate is available in array of colors and countless patterns and textures.

Granite  -   Each slab of this natural material is unique with rare colors and veining. Resistant to cuts, scratches and chips. Pick from polished or matte finishes , find the style that is right for your home. 

Quartz - Looks like stone, yet needs less maintenance. The smooth, non-porous surface prevents common growth of mold, mildew and bacteria and is resistant to most scratches, stains. It comes in variety of colors in addition to patterns that just look like granite and marble.



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